CAN / LIN bus hacking

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CAN / LIN bus hacking

Post by llamafilm » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:21 am

Hello. I've just ordered a Maestro RR for my Crosstrek and I'm excited to start playing with the gauges and engine settings. Is there any ability to send messages to the car using the CAN bus, or is it just one-way communication? I have a couple ideas in mind for this...

The Crosstrek Hybrid has an “active grille shutter” to reduce aerodynamic drag. I bought this vehicle for off-roading, so I’ve chopped the bumper for a better approach angle, and I had to remove the active grille shutter as there is no place for it. Unfortunately this throws DTCs and turns on the check engine light. The shutter motor uses LIN communication, so I’m looking for a way to trick the computer into thinking the motor is attached.

There is some interesting research into controlling various functions of the car by injecting messages to the CAN bus through the OBDII port.

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Re: CAN / LIN bus hacking

Post by Zack Flynn » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:28 pm

We don't have anything that would allow you to clear or negate such codes. It might be something to ask on the NASIOC forum. This is strictly for audio/security installations and integration.
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