2014 rubicon reversed dimmer and no gauges

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2014 rubicon reversed dimmer and no gauges

Post by deed » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:38 pm

Just put a jvc 840bt in my 2014 rubicon. Everything appears to work except that the dimmer functions backward and I also get the obdII not connected error when I look at the gauges but the tire pressure screen is working. I did the jvc firmware upgrade and the maestro reset from the head unit with no change. I have not had time to open the dash back up and check the illumination wire for voltage yet. any ideas :?:
Second question I did not get the adaptor for sirius radio cause I don't plan on using it. Do I need it for any of the other features?

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Re: 2014 rubicon reversed dimmer and no gauges

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:36 pm

To dig into that further, we would need you to meter the illumination wire. It's a simple output, so it should just work unless there is an issue with the physical output that sends the illumination signal. It might be best for you to give us a call on our tech support line when you've got the radio out and are able to troubleshoot with us. We should be able to get to the bottom of your issues pretty quickly over the phone.

The Sat1 is just an antenna adapter for satellite radio. It doesn't serve any other function.
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