Ford Transit DMX7705S Issues

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Ford Transit DMX7705S Issues

Post by somekevinguy » Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:31 pm

Just installed the DMX7705S in my Transit with the Maestro and the FO2 harness. I have the latest firmware on the DMX7705S and flashed the Maestro with all options enabled. Transit came with the SYNC system with the 4.3" screen and the 5 button steering wheel and backup sensors and camera.

I have a few issues. I already had my phone paired to the SYNC system before the install and when I installed the radio and tried to use the hands free calling through SYNC I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. In my troubleshooting I unpaired the SYNC system from my phone and now I can't even find the SYNC system to pair it to my phone again.

I decided screw the SYNC system at least for now so I went to the OEM setup and tried to select the radio instead of the SYNC for the phone but it won't let me. But I paired the radio to my phone and it works anyway. ??? Sucks having to install the radio microphone though instead of using the factory one.

Also on the Maestro wiring diagram it says right above the RCA plugs that they're not used if you have a SYNC system but after trying to figure out why my backup camera wouldn't work for I don't even know how long I tried hooking up the camera RCA and the camera finally works now. ???

I didn't happen at all on my drive to work this morning but previously the radio would switch to the backup camera view randomly on it's own every few minutes which is really annoying. Don't know if that problem has gone away or if this morning I just got lucky.

Also the factory USB plug isn't working like manual said it would. Not a huge deal because I'm using the USB off the back of the radio for CarPlay but... ???

Finally the website says with my configuration my backup sensors will work on the radio. That option is just grayed out. Luckily I still have the beeping sound coming from some other beeper in the vehicle somewhere it sounds like but I can't see anything on the radio. ???

Any ideas for any of these?

Oh yeah the gauge screen works and the TPMS works so I don't think its a data cable problem.

Luckily the Metra radio install kit I got didn't come with any of the clips it was supposed to so all my panels just lift off right now making for easy trouble shooting. :x :x :x

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Re: Ford Transit DMX7705S Issues

Post by Zack Flynn » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:16 pm

Its sounds like you have several concerns and have tried a few different ways to resolve them. You would be best served calling us to go over how everything is configured and troubleshoot in real time.
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