2006 Odyessy

Analog Steering Wheel Interface
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2006 Odyessy

Post by taberhsmith » Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:16 pm


I'm trying to get the Maestro SW working with my 2006 Honda Odyssey and a new Sony XAV-AX5000.

I had the navigation and rear entertainment system. In order to use my existing speakers and amplifier, I'm running the Sony through the aux port of the Honda amplifier. So, I need the steering wheel controls to work with both the Honda (for the volume) and the Maestro (to send the channel changes and voice to the Sony).

I put the Maestro in parallel with the existing Honda amp and this doesn't work (actually, it works but the controls are wrong). I tried putting a voltage buffer in between the Maestro and the SWC. The Maestro "seems" to see it (the Maestro flashes two green lights when I press the buttons), but the Sony doesn't do anything.

I'm hoping that you can explain how the unit works so that I can get it to work in parallel with my existing Honda amplifier. Does it measure the voltage, or does it supply the voltage and measure the current?

Is there a way to debug whether the module is seeing the correct signals and the correct radio?


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Re: 2006 Odyessy

Post by Zack Flynn » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:11 pm

When you say that you are using the existing Honda amplifier, are you referring to the stock headunit? Because the factory steering wheel controls don't go to the amplifier itself, they go to the headunit. As afar as trying to get bot to work together, the SW is not meant to do that. We see the resistances from the steering wheel (which have to fall in a certain range for tolerance to work) and those values are different when they are still connected to another piece of equipment that is also reading them, like the factory unit. As far as the LED flashing on the SW and no functions on the Sony radio there is a setting in the radio that needs to be turned to "preset" for the wired remote commands to work. It is on page 17 of the owners guide. I would also suggest updating the firmware that Sony has on their support page if you have further issues with the steering wheel controls or any other features.
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