09 300 Touring Issues/Querstions

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09 300 Touring Issues/Querstions

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So I just installed installed an Alpine ilx-207, Reverse Cam and a Maestro RR with a CH1 harness in my 09 Chrysler 300 Touring AWD w/o steering controls/uconnect/siruisxm/evic I had purchased this overkill item for the ability to see digital MPH, check my Fuel Econ&vehicle Status check Trans Temp for servicing Transmission and to be able to pull live data/DTC's without a scanner.

When I pulled my Stock Head unit I found 2 cables plugged in on the back one Grey and one White both the same Size and a similar shape but didn't find the smaller plug that would plug into the wire connecting to port "G" on my RR I did some online research for a pinout on my radio and found that cable is for features my car lacks so I assumed I was fine leaving that one out. unsure if I am wrong but if not feel free to correct me.

I also had issues putting in my serial number for my ILX-207 the instructions said to leave off a number or letter but the Weblink wouldn't work until I added it in.

But After flashing my Device with the DS 3.9 firmware and getting the radio setup I noticed major Discrepancies with the gauges fuel reading 76% and then it rises to 100% when my dash gauge reads 1/4 tank, External/Engine/Trans temps off by +/- 10-20 degrees , really the only gauge working Right is my MPH and RPM and my load and I am also seeing that the show DTCs is greyed out.

I have reinstalled the firmware, and reset the unit I tried adding and removing firmware modules in an effort to get everything working like right now I removed the EVIC modulue and now I can't get door status or my TPMS readings. This isn't my first Maestro RR I have installed but the only 1 I have seen issues like this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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