2012 Forester - No rear audio

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2012 Forester - No rear audio

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I just installed a Pioneer MVH-1400NEX with a Maestro RR. All steering wheel controls, dimmer, front speakers, and gauges all work fine. But I have zero audio from the rear speakers. I've triple checked all my wire connections and do not see an issue. I've played with every setting in the HU that I can find and nothing has worked. The only mods I have done in the past were installing oem tweeters into the front doors. The wires were already there, so it was just plug and play. There isn't a stock amplifier or sub. Not sure why the rear speakers wouldn't get the audio. Do the speaker wires run through the Maestro? They appear to bypass it but I don't want to undo the wrapping to find out. Could I have the wrong firmware installed? Thanks for any advice!

Make: Subaru
Year: 2012
Model: Forester X Premium
Trim: Bluetooth non nav

New HU Install:
MVH-1400NEX v8.04 firmware
Maestro RR ADS-RR(SR)-SUB1-DS (512) (1.2)

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Re: 2012 Forester - No rear audio

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The speaker wires do not run through the maestro. In non-amplified cars, the audio goes out of the radio and to the speakers, which means it is not a firmware issue.

If you're missing rear speakers, check your purple and green sets of speaker wires for a solid connection, your audio setting on the radio (ensure it's set to standard, NOT network), and the audio output of the radio itself.
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