2008 Expedition - What Features to Expect?

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2008 Expedition - What Features to Expect?

Post by OldScout » Sat May 05, 2018 10:47 am

Hi All, new here... need advise or info on what to expect when installing a Maestro interface.

I am looking to really upgrade my stereo system. Right now my setup is:

2008 Ford Expedition EB EL
• 6 Disc Changer
• Factory sub
• No Nav
• No Sync

I am looking to get one of the new Kenwood wireless Android auto units such as DDX9905s or DMX905s. But my main question is that all the vehicle info I have seen displayed looks cool, but without my car having Ford Sync, what can I really expect to see or have access to in regards to the vehicle info and gauges on my car?

When I go the setup and put in my info on the maestro website,

under Vehicle Info they list:
tire pressure, battery, engine codes and door open status

under Gauges they list:
Selectable performance gauges (what do they mean here?), "Track Pack" gauges (are these aftermarket items? if so I won't be adding them)

Newer cars will also display ac/heating options, parking assist, seat heaters and so on - my guess is I won't have access to some or all of these.

I know I won't get as much displayed info as newer cars, but what will I get?

Anyone have any info on this? Anyone use maestro in an older car and if so what vehicle info did you have? What didn't you have?

Thanks all!

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Re: 2008 Expedition - What Features to Expect?

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon May 07, 2018 12:23 pm

You will have everything you listed except the climate control display. Track pack is just an expansion on our gauges package; there is no additional equipment required.

We don't have a list of what gauges each vehicle gets, because it can differ from vehicle to vehicle, even based on something as simple as different trim levels. As far as the gauges we can support, there are:

Accelerator Pedal Position
Air Fuel Ratio
Average Fuel Economy
Battery Voltage
Dist. to Empty
Engine coolant Temp
Engine Load
Engine Oil Temp
Exhaust Gas Temp
Fuel Level
Fuel pressure
Instantaneous Fuel Economy
Intake air Temp
Intake Manifold Air Pressure
Mass Air Flow
Throttle Plate Position
Timing advance
Transmission Fluid Temp
Vehicle Speed

I hope this helps,
Dara DeGrand
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