2016 Honda Odyssey is not compatible with HCF

Sold exclusively by Firstech/Compustar
Available in Canada and USA
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2016 Honda Odyssey is not compatible with HCF

Post by kyslive » Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:54 pm

I installed HC2351AC with ADS-THR-HA7. After I have done my work, everything was fine. When I used remote starer, it worked very well. But when I open any car doors, the engine suddenly stopped. I just called Idatalink customer service, and they could not deal with it. They told me, "new honda odyssey has security code to block, but we do not care of it." I spent more $300 for it. I cannot understand why the expensive HC2351 supports 2016 honda odyssey. Who want to buy it if I am an owner of it? When I open the door, engine is off. HC2351 is advertised as one of the most supportive products in aftermarket. This company never mentions about weakness of this product.

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Re: 2016 Honda Odyssey is not compatible with HCF

Post by Murph » Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:56 pm

There is no takeover with the new Honda PTS vehicles. This is listed in the installation instructions.
The way the remote start works is the same as the factory Honda starter. When the vehicle is remote starter we are not using the proximity information from the key. This is done to secure the vehicle and stop it from being stolen. There is also a keyless starting message that comes up during remote start. The vehicle has to shut down and be restarted with the key to clear these errors.

There is no weakness in the product. It is designed to the work the same way as the factory starter. There are many vehicles that do not have takeover and this is one of them.
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