HC2 2016 subaru forester random shutdown after starts

Available in Canada and USA
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HC2 2016 subaru forester random shutdown after starts

Post by bman » Sun May 01, 2016 10:28 pm

Installed HC2 3 weeks ago, all went smooth, with out issues. Received a message from the owner that the vehicle will start up every time, however 1/2 the time it only runs for a few seconds & shuts off. Didn't sound like vehicle was attempting to restart after engine stopped, also owner said a few times when they went to the vehicle after the vehicle didn't stay started the door was unlocked. ( I know the firmware has to unlock to disarm the oem alarm & lock after start, however if a no start condition happens, I assume the door should relock, because of "lock after shutdown" option). So should the tach be relearned at a higher rpm, as subarus tend to idle around 2000 for a few minutes until engine gets to temp. (Ps I did ground in kick, scraped away paint, & always solder the ground wire to the eye ring terminal.) having the owner attempt to count the shutdown flashes, however have not had any response yet.

More questions:

(1) is this controller capable of a "hard wire" tach connection even if firmware has data tach?

(2) is it possible to do a "rear defrost" output on this controller/sub3 firmware, I programmed the #2 poc wire to rear defrost, I didn't connect the wire to the vehicle, due to the fact that I couldn't find an option for latched or pulsed output for defrost & when I metered the poc wire after remote start the output voltage never changed state (aka went to ground).

I have experience with compustar controllers, so I see that these "HC" controllers are very similar in the programming options.
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