2009 Forester Auto- NonNavigation Reverse wire

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2009 Forester Auto- NonNavigation Reverse wire

Post by Cervera »

I've done many radios in the past along with remote starters etc so pretty okay with this stuff but I'm stumped...I went to install a Pioneer- Avh-4201nex on our 09 Forester along with a Pioneer Backup Camera (ND-BC8) using a maestro rr and SU T-harness. Everything looked good but the radio's screen would not flip over(trigger) to the reverse camera screen when putting the car in reverse. I did connect the purple/white wire from the hu to the purple/white wire on the SU T-harness. Is there anything else I have to do? Do I need to tap any wires from the kick panel or should I be receiving the reverse trigger from the t-harness which is connected to the factory radio harness? I did set the radios setup menu for the camera to detect on +. so the radio should be trying to detect it correctly.

I assume the camera's power/ground do not have to be connected in order for the radio to be triggered into the reverse camera screen, I should just get a black screen....correct?

I see also that the obd connector has a purple/white wire with a pinkish connector....does that have to be connected anywhere? It says it's for a manual transmission but my car is automatic.

I ran out of time so couldn't take out my multimeter to troubleshoot but will continue it soon and looking for ideas......

I also assume I can feed some 12v power to the reverse wire on the radio and see if it triggers the screen to change and that would rule out a defective radio..... correct?

Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated!!

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Re: 2009 Forester Auto- NonNavigation Reverse wire

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looks like you are on the right path. before we start heading down the wrong rabbit hole let us know what you find with your meter on the purple/white. Thanks!
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