Front Speakers muted in Reverse

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Front Speakers muted in Reverse

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In my 2016 F150, I have the backup parking sensors and tones that alert when you get close to an object.

When I put my truck in reverse, the front speakers mute or go so low they sound muted. Not only does it cut out the audio, but it also makes the beeps for the backup sensors barely audible (either from the back speakers, or very low from the front speakers, I can't tell).

This is with a Kenwood XR600-6DSP. Not sure if cutting the audio in reverse is by design or a safety thing, but not being able to hear the backup sensors is less than ideal.


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Re: Front Speakers muted in Reverse

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The chime can be adjusted. See the install guide for the adjustment procedure.

We have noticed some audio mixing issues with the Kenwood amplifiers and door chimes and are looking into it.

Update: We only completely cut the audio out of the driver's door when there are two chimes happening at once, like door chime and parking sensors. Are you sure that you're losing ALL audio from that speaker? It should be muting it and cutting the music volume down about 50%, not muting that channel completely (unless you have multiple warning chimes happening at once).

If the driver's door speaker is completely muting, can you take a video of it, and also send us a screenshot of how the outputs of the amp are configured on the Kenwood app?
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