2011 Tacoma and 1440NEX

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2011 Tacoma and 1440NEX

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I just finished installing a Pioneer 1440NEX, RR and T01 harness in my 2011 Tacoma. I noticed the specific wiring diagram didn't show the data cable from the RR to the Maestro plug on the 1440 and it wouldn't work without it. It also didn't show where the steering wheel plug went, or the blue/yellow wire that's with it. I plugged the plug into the w/r on the 1440 and didn't hook the blue/yellow wire to anything. Everything seems to be working. I just wanted to make sure what I did was correct. Thank you, Jimmy

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Re: 2011 Tacoma and 1440NEX

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It sounds like you might be looking at the wrong install guide.

The blue plug should not be used in this install type.

See the correct guide below:
http://images.idatalink.com/corporate/C ... 180426.pdf
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