No GPS Voice Prompts

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No GPS Voice Prompts

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I just installed a Kenwood DNX772BH with the Maestro RR and proper harness into a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Everything works perfectly fine except for one small issue, the GPS voice prompts do not work. The music I have playing fades out but there's just silence when it should be speaking prompts. I've updated the unit to the latest firmware, Cutchfield & Kenwood both said it must be a faulty unit. It cost me $250 to get everything installed and I just wanted to see if maybe it was a Maestro RR firmware issue that could be more of a quick fix than having to reinstall the whole unit again. Anyone else experience this type of issue?

Any advice on the matter is greatly appreciated.


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Re: No GPS Voice Prompts

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It's not a faulty unit. See attached, and make sure your wiring matches this.
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