GM05 Released

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GM05 Released

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IDATALINK is proud to announce the release of our first firmware for GM. GM05 will cover OnStar, OnStar Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, Warning Chimes, Turn signal clicker, XM sat tuner retention, Visual parking sensor, Tire Pressure, Vehicle info, and Vehicle Gauges on the radio. If you Have a digital factory amplifier It will do fader and balance in the amp. GM05 is a plug and play solution that is to be used with the ADS-HRN(SR)GMS05 T-Harness and will work with the following vehicles.

Enclave 2008-2016
Lucerne 2006-2011
Escalade 2007-2011
Escalade w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
Avalanche 2007-2011
Avalanche w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2013
Equinox 2007-2009
Express 1500 2008-2015
Express 2500 2008-2015
Impala 2006-2013
Monte Carlo 2006-2007
Silverado 1500 2007-2011
Silverado 1500 w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2013
Silverado 2500 2007-2011
Silverado 2500 w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
Silverado 3500 2007-2011
Silverado 3500 w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
Suburban 2007-2011
Suburban w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
Tahoe 2007-2011
Tahoe w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
Traverse 2009-2016
Acadia 2007-2014
Savana 1500 2008-2015
Sierra 1500 w/o Factory Navigation 2013
Sierra 2007-2011
Sierra w/o Factory Navigation 2012
Sierra 2500/3500 w/o Factory Navigation 2014
Yukon 2007-2011
Yukon XL 2007-2011
Yukon XL w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
Yukon w/o Factory Navigation 2012-2014
H2 2008-2009
Outlook 2007-2010
S XL-7 2007-2010
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Re: GM05 Released

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Our GM5 harness does not cover the vehicles with factory navigation. The plug on the back of your radio is different. We do offer an adaptor that we can provide to you free. Let me answer your questions first.

Once the install is done you will have access these features will be retained:

Waning Chimes/turn signal clicks
Amplifier turn on
Amplifier settings (if digital Bose)
Bluetooth calling - retained, but would strongly suggest you use the BT in Kenwood for both calls and streaming as it is far superior to factory. You would need to install microphone.
Rear Audio Controls - They will be on, but all they do is control the radio just like your steering wheel buttons. We cannot make them control second zone in Kenwood radio yet (Kenwood limitation).

These will be added:

Parking Assist - visual indication for distance to object - not that useful if you already have back up cam.
Vehicle info - Doors, tire pressure, batt voltage, check engine read/reset

These features WILL NOT apply:

Factory Satellite radio tuner - In most navigation cars, the tuner is inside the navigation radio you take out.
Rear Seat Video - We think it will turn on and operate fine, but we don't offer the harness you need to hook it up to Kenwood. This part is available from AAMP (PAC) and should be able to be used with our setup.
Rear Camera - The plug for camera is also different so parts in GM5 kit won't work. Not sure if anyone sells this connector or not, but it is possible to splice on the factory camera wires and add your own RCA. A good installer combined with our tech support folks can make this happen.
Climate - Not on the databus
Factory USB/BT Streaming - N/A in GM5 Vehicles

If you want to proceed, here's what you need:

ADS-MRR - the module
ADS-HRN(SR)-GMS05 - T-harness Kit AND ADS-HRN(SP)-GMS05 - Chime speaker OR HRN-RR-GM5 (new part,but complete kit with both parts together)
Navigation adaptor - if you go ahead and buy the stuff, call tech and we will send you one out.
Antenna adaptor - sold elsewhere
AV Harness from PAC - if you have and want to try to retain rear video - we can't guarantee will work, but pretty sure it will.

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