HVAC Controls Inop

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HVAC Controls Inop

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I have a 2015 Colorado with manual a/c controls. I installed the Maestro RR and the GM3. At first, in installed the firmware for auto climate control not realizing that it wasn't supposed to be added because I have manual controls. So I went back and installed the firmware to not include climate control. Now, almost everything works, but I have no power to the climate control knobs and buttons. The a/c seems to but stuck where it was before I started the install. I can’t make any adjustments. Also, when I try to use the on star, the radio locks up. It is a Pioneer AVH-2330NEX. So, I disconnected everything and reinstalled the factory radio and disconnected everything not factory. A/C controls still do nothing. No light. Nothing. A/C is still on and working. I just have no control of it. Please help.

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Re: HVAC Controls Inop

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Please ensure there is nothing plugged into the W/R port. That will make your radio lock up and act strangely. Make sure the audio cable that runs between the maestro and the radio is connected into the radio's AUX input.

As for the climate, we don't control it- we simply monitor its status. If it's not functioning, there could be a plug that's not connected, a fuse that's blown, or a bent pin in a connector at the climate controls.
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