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no audio

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I just installed a Pioneer MVH-2400nex with the Maestro RR I have no XM audio the display shows the receiver ID and shows all the channels but no audio and no Onstar. Comes up on the screen that Onstar is on but again nothing the radio, Bluetooth, vehicle info, android auto all work but I am just about ready to pull the whole thing out and throw in in the garbage. Not crazy about having to use that cheesy little speaker or the extra microphone. When the advertising says you can retain your factory options it should also say not really. :oops:

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Re: no audio

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There is a 3.5mm audio cable with a black 3 pin connector on it, this is the cable that brings in the audio from the OEM satellite and Onstar. the cable comes in the box that the Maestro RR came in. Make sure that this cable is plugged into the Maestro unit (only one place it will fit on the Maestro) and make sure it is in the AUX In of your Pioneer. Pioneer has a couple ports that it could fit into, just make sure it's in the AUX In.

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