2011 Silverado Camera Retention

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2011 Silverado Camera Retention

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So have had this integration system working perfect for the past year or two. I have no issues with it. This weekend I finally got around to replacing my OEM tailgate backup camera thats been broke since before I installed all of this. It shows up in the mirror and not the h/u. Always has. I want to know how to integrate it either down to h/u or have both h/u and mirror. I suspect I will have to use a aftermarket connector from the drivers side kick panel connection point of the camera and run to h/u? If so which part number for the retention wire connector? Can I keep both?



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Re: 2011 Silverado Camera Retention

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We don't have a part to do what you want to do. To get the mirror's video feed down to the radio, you need to splice an RCA into the video signal. Most people grab the signal at the mirror and run it down to the radio.
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