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Honda Accord 2015 2016 2017

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I am one of the many disappointed and frustrated owners of the Honda Accord 9th Gen 2016 mainly due to the sound system. The main show stopper is the iMID screen integration with the Car’s computer/HU which gives you MPG, Audio, Compass information. Some of the owners have gone to the extreme to bury the original head unit in the back of the dash in order to keep the functionality and be able to still to add an aftermarket radio.
You may take a look to the

My question is: What capabilities can I retain with Maestro and the latest and top of the line Alpine or Kenwood stereo. In other words, Can I retain the programming of the card as I do it today with the factory head unit (Locks, Remote start, daytime running headlights, etc)?

Any additional development plans for Honda Accords 9th Gen 2017, 2016, 2015?

I would bet Accord owners are waiting to hear from you.

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Re: Honda Accord 2015 2016 2017

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Currently we have solutions for retention of Steering Wheel controls in the MSW product. Our MRR product can add gauges to the radio if it is idatalink compatible as well as steering wheel controls.

We do not have support to retain any factory settings, features or options. I am sure in time being a popular vehicle there may be possibility to cover that vehicle with better support. There is no current ETA if or when we might start working on that product.
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Re: Honda Accord 2015 2016 2017

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So, what would it take to further motivate or empower your engineers? Certainly, your marketing team is aware of how popular the Honda Accord is around the world?

With the Accord community having dumped countless dollars on horrible products, such as the Metra 99-7804b, or harnesses that allow relocation of the factory head unit (relocation is not so much horrible, but certainly an odd choice given the resources available to the human race in the year 2016), I have no doubt they would be willing to rally interest for a quality product such as the Metro RR for the 9th generation Accord.

If the community were to do your marketing team's job for them, by quantifying interest, with a potential for a Kickstarter, or similar source of funding, could that help give engineers the resources needed to begin developing a solution?

If yes, who is the best contact for coordinating such an effort?

If not, is iDatalink opposed to making money, or are the engineers simply not up to the challenge?

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Re: Honda Accord 2015 2016 2017

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The best thing you can do is give us time. Our R&D team is only two men. We are currently working on a solution for select honda vehicles (2008-2013), and will be working to expand the coverage as other projects conclude. I apologize that we don't have an ETA at this time, but trust that we are working on several generations Honda vehicles.
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