Jetta with Fender: Not enough volume adjustment resolution

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Jetta with Fender: Not enough volume adjustment resolution

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Hey, I have a 2014 Jetta and was wondering about the intended method for connecting to the VW1 harness' audio input... On my Alpine iLX-107, I can only turn the volume up to "12" before I get distortion. Of course, I can change the actual "gain" of the amp through the settings on the unit, but this does not affect the main volume adjustment on the iLX-107, so it leaves a bit to be desired. I installed this in 2017 with great success but this part always kinda made me want to attach RCA plugs to the harness and plug in to the preout.

Fast forward to now, I'm looking to upgrade to a Pioneer DMH-WT7600NEX and was wondering if attaching RCA plugs is actually a good idea. I figured I'd ask the experts. :) For what it's worth, I'm going to buy a new VW1 harness so that if I need to switch back to the iLX-107, I can do so very easily since it's pocket change compared to this Pioneer. And, I can test the Pioneer in the car and make changes if I need to. The Pioneer unit's preout is about 4V, so it should be sufficient enough if I turn up the amp gain, right? I'm assuming that the output from the iLX-107 is just more than some voltage.

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Re: Jetta with Fender: Not enough volume adjustment resolution

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The audio system in this shouldn't be low level. Adjusting the amp gain setting in the radio really should be all that's necessary to fine tune it to sound similar level to factory. If it was way louder, attaching RCAs is definitely going to drop that signal, but could result in noise with the lower input levels being more susceptible to that. If unable to gain down enough in our menu, though, that would be a possible solution.
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