2016 Honda Hrv possessed?? HELP PLEASE

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2016 Honda Hrv possessed?? HELP PLEASE

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I'm at my witts end, I installed an H2 in my 2016 Hrv(push button) seemed to be working fine, installed it on a Saturday all the test checked out. The car sat without problems till Wednesday when I used it the first time worked like a charm. On Friday I go to use it only to find the battery has gone dead. After that something was tripping my alarm, so disconnected the battery over night reset the ECU by unplugging the fuse and problem solved so I thought. Car sits without issue till the following Thursday when I used it again on the Saturday I come home the Hrv is on the driveway alarm a blazing. Do the same procedure and still no help, I disconnect the the hood latch sensor hoping the alarm wouldn't be activated, the alarm doesn't go off anymore, but what is happening is that the car will after about 5mins of turning it off turn on all the interior accessories, I have tried all kinds of options on what it could be, key in car, key out of the car, doors locked/unlocked I even tried disconnecting the push button and car still does the same, powers up the accessories. Any one have an idea of what the heck is happening or how this could have happened? The problem wasn't their before the starter was installed, coincidence maybe I am really lost PLEASE HELP. The starter has been removed, but the problem is still there.

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Re: 2016 Honda Hrv possessed?? HELP PLEASE

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