having problems web link and android 6.0.1

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having problems web link and android 6.0.1

Post by HONDA31 »

I have a samsung galaxy s6 and web link mobile has worked awesome until my phone received the marshmallow 6.0.1 update. Now i keep getting notification errors that it cant communicate with my device, and before the update i could plug in my weblink into my phone and it would automaticly open weblink mobile and i could go right into flahing my module and now i plug it in and it just says that it is charging my phone. Please help i use this all the time!
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Re: having problems web link and android 6.0.1

Post by Mabeita »

The 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) update for Android has not been verified compatible.

There are no current fixes for issues that result from upgrading, but the new version of the Android OS is currently under review, so we should see an update to the WLM-AN1 firmware in the coming months.
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Re: having problems web link and android 6.0.1

Post by JSCorr »

when you plug it in you will have to choose what the USB does when connected. Default is charge only, you will have to choose I believe media transfer which is the top choice and it will work fine. I have been doing this on my S7 edge.
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