weblink mobile and maestro

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weblink mobile and maestro

Post by flee »

Can you use the mobile programmer on the maestro interfaces?


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Re: weblink mobile and maestro

Post by Murph »

No, Weblink mobile is only for remote start product.
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Re: weblink mobile and maestro

Post by IdealSound »

Not sure if this has changed since this thread but as an iDatalink dealer this is something we definitely would love to see implemented,

We do countless on-site installs and support - we were able to completely ditch the laptop after the issue with the DC3 decoder firmware was fixed this year for remote starts but with car audio season approaching, I'll need the laptop again!

Pretty please?

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Re: weblink mobile and maestro

Post by Dara DeGrand »

Brian's answer is still the right one. We're working on ways to make flashing the module easier, but nothing that's ready to release just yet.
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