2011 Mustang SYNC OEM Mic Retention

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2011 Mustang SYNC OEM Mic Retention

Post by DonJuan692006 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:23 pm

Hey folks,

Finally got around to upgrading from the stock HU in my 2011 Mustang GT with the Shaker 500 and SYNC. Popped in a Kenwood DMX906S with the Maestro. The Maestro and HU install was pretty simple and seamless following the awesome instructions for the RR, but I wanted to retain the factory mic.

So, I followed the guidance here viewtopic.php?f=396&t=9284&start=15#p37623 but quickly learned there were problems. I did a few test calls with my wife. She could hear every sound from the car, including her own voice coming from the speakers.

I realized the gain on the mic was too high. A little Google-fu and the consensus is that the majority of OEM mics are active with a built-in amplifier. Since pretty much every HU mic is passive, the HUs are incapable of compensating for the amount of volume coming from the active OEM mic. So, I figured it'd be a quick job to pull the mirror apart where the OEM mic calls home and bypass the amp; wrong. The amp and mic are part of the same integrated board which has a multi-layer PCB making it impossible to trace the circuitry without a lot of patience and time; I'm short on both.


So, after chewing it over for a while, a simple solution popped into my head. I basically just need to turn the "volume" of the mic down, if you will. Off to Amazon we go and picked up this guy: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B071VL2G ... op?ie=UTF8.

Plugged it in-line and made a test calls. Within a minute or two I was able to get it dialed in to still clearly pickup my voice, but eliminating the excessive background noise. Some 3M double-sided tape and it's got a permanent home with the knob still accessible for tweaking. Right above the radio on the right in the photo.


After some extended road testing, I'll hot glue the knob in place and call it a day.

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