Maestro RR with FTR for 2016 F150 Ribbon Installation

Group using the FO1 and FO2 firmware for Ford SYNC retention * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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Maestro RR with FTR for 2016 F150 Ribbon Installation

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First and foremost once I got the kit installed I was so happy with the product everything integrated nicely! My request is to please have someone check the instructions for the FTR1 kit specifically the section for FORD F150 WITH MyFORD 4.3 INCH SCREEN - RETAINING SyNC 2015-2017. I believe one of the following two instructions to be backwards:

3. Install the new ribbon cables, shiny side up. Insert them into the connector then push the latch to lock them into place. (Fig. 3.0) (I actually think this one is correct if by shiny it means = the light or gold color side)

5. Install the ribbon cables shiny side down, to the bottom ports of the control board then seat the second control board to the back of the climate portion of the dash kit. . (Fig. 5.0 and 5.1) (This orientation is not possible if you follow step 3, you would have to twist the ribbon 180 degrees, I believe this to be incorrect!)

So I went to the video (as posted on Critchfield's site for the FTR1)to determine the correct ribbon orientation and the video shows the ribbons being inserted Shiny side down (darker, brown side up) which I believe is more consistent with instruction 5 above. So that is how I installed. No heat, no A/C, so I reversed them back to shiny side up (lighter in color like gold) like instruction 3. Now everything works great!

Again, the products are amazing, but I really do think someone should give the written instructions and video a once over for the ribbon installion on the circuit boards.

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Re: Maestro RR with FTR for 2016 F150 Ribbon Installation

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When first setting them into the first of two pc boards they are shiny side up. Then you feed them through the plastic housing and fold them down and at that point, the shiny side is facing down.
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