List & explanation of action options

Analog Steering Wheel Interface
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List & explanation of action options

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I recently installed a new head unit in my car with the Maestro SW and it's working great. I thought about what I actions I wanted the steering wheel controls to do when I was flashing the module, and I have the wallet card with what I chose, but I have not been able to find a list of ALL the options I could have selected and their definitions. I would like this for two reasons:

1. Now that it's installed, I'd like to see if I might prefer programming different actions to the controls.

2. I don't understand what one of the options I selected means, "Source & Hang Up & Reject Call."

Is it possible to get a list of all the available steering wheel control options available for my setup and details on what they each do (if it's not already obvious by the name)?

Car: 2010 Honda CR-V
Head Unit: Kenwood DMX905S

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Re: List & explanation of action options

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The button does three functions. If there is no phone call, it will change the source when you push that button. If a phone call is coming in, it will reject that phone call. If you're in a call, it will hang it up.

This radio can do:
Answer Call
Attenuation On/Off
Band (AM) & Folder -
Band (FM,SAT) & Folder +
Hang Up & Reject Call
Mute On/Off
Source & Hang Up & Reject Call
Track -
Track +
Voice or Siri
Volume -
Volume +
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