Kenwood DMX1057XR

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Kenwood DMX1057XR

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Struggling to get my radio to work. All I'm getting is a double red flash. I have reflashed my module 5 times now to make sure I've gotten the serial number correct. Everything is connected and I can't even get the radio to power up. I've confirmed power at the harness on the back of the radio. Not sure what I'm missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Kenwood DMX1057XR

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Kenwood has a small cover that needs to be in place for the radio to power on. If you have 12v on red 12v on yellow and ground on the black at the radios harness and the radio does not power on its either cover needs to be installed or the radio is defective. I would contact Kenwood if the problem persists.
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