How to connect weblink updater cable

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How to connect weblink updater cable

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Good afternoon,

I purchased a CMVWXA0 along with the correct T harness and Weblink updater usb cable for my girfriend's car for Christmas. I have no problem running the wiring in the car, but I'm having the worst time even figuring out how this thing is supposed to connect to the computer! I installed all the software and the site isn't detecting it. When plugging the cable into the computer, it is detected under Device Manager as USB Serial Port (Com 3) but it's not detecting the actual CMVWXA0 control module.

My 2 main questions are: am I supposed to be plugging the Weblink updater cable into the black 4 pin connector next to the Mini USB connector on the CMVWXA0? Also, do I need to use a Mini USB to regular USB cable to plug the CMVWXA0 into the computer to give it power? I tried this and got a blinking red light on the control module.

I didn't think that getting this thing hooked to the computer and flashed was going to be the hardest part of the installation!

Thanks for any help


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Re: How to connect weblink updater cable

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All of the information is on our website under FAQ. If you can't figure it out, call us during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

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