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No device detected

Post by gwarren »

I need to reflash an RR unit that was initially installed a couple of years ago. Using my mac, running Catalina, Weblink Desktop reports that no device is connected. When I look at the system report, I see nothing connected a USB port. I'm not sure what else to try. I haven't use the unit in over a year, although it has been connected to the previous head unit.

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Re: No device detected

Post by billr »

A couple things to check/try:
1) make sure the RR isn't connected to anything but the USB cable going int the computer
2) try to use the USB cable that the RR came with. If you don't have that cable make sure the cable you use is designed for data transfer and not just charging.
3)try using a different USB port on the computer
4) unplug the USB going into the RR and plug it back in

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