Fuel Level Gauge Not Working

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Fuel Level Gauge Not Working

Post by Pedroinpv » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:28 pm

I have a 2008 Toyota 4Runner and I recently installed a Kenwood DMX7704s (self-installed). I used the idatalink Maestro Rr and the TO1 harness. After installation I noticed the Fuel Level Gauge on the aftermarket radio was not working. I set the fuel capacity at 23.0 gallons in the settings menu. By default, the fuel level gauge automatically appears on page 2 of the gauge screens, but it only shows a minus sign. In the gauge setting menu, the Fuel Level option is greyed out and displays no number indicating it’s already been assigned (default). While trouble shooting, I have also noticed that the door ajar warnings, the low tire pressure (TPMS) warning and the check engine light warning are not functioning. The TPMS system shows the correct tire pressures and I was able to set each tire individually (it just doesn’t show a warning when the pressure falls below factory specs, even though the system indicator on the dashboard comes on with low pressure). The Instant Gas Usage and Average Gas Mileage gauges seem to function normally (DTE doesn’t). All steering wheel controls work, the factory amplifier and factory speaker system work perfectly.
When I originally flashed the Maestro Rr, I didn’t assign all the steering wheel function buttons that I wanted, so I flashed again today adding additional button settings and that was successful. Prior to the new flashing I also updated the firmware on the Kenwood, as per your website. I was hoping this flashing would solve the other issues, it didn’t. While I had the Maestro Rr removed, I extensively checked all connections and everything appeared correct. One thing I did notice was an unconnected plastic connecter that comes out of the wire bundle from the Maestro Rr (I believe G or F). A blue/light green wire and a black wire go into the unconnected connecter. I searched all over and could not find where the connection should go. I have no dash cam, rear cam or navigation, so those wires are capped.
In the Maestro Module setting, under Gauges and OBDII, I get the notice: Comm> OK; Can> OK; Scan tool not detected.
Any help would appreciated.

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