unable to correctly install weblink

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unable to correctly install weblink

Post by elthyrock » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:22 pm

As stated in title, I cant install the weblink app.

At the end of installation, pop up appears written in french ''unable to install, cant use this language. contact packet provider'' something like that.

ADS is installed on my computer afterward tho. tried many times to install the drivers, activeX wont work so I bypassed it using apps available on internet.

PC detects ''something'' plugged in usb port by making a noise when i plug it in but wont do anything with it. When i go onto maestro's website to update my module ( brand new ) it says usb not detected. tried in both french and english since i'm french speaking.

nothing is working at this point, not even the green light wich i saw that was supossed to go on. tried ready on the internet and doing different tricks but nothing worked. as of right now we are on a friday night and you guys are out for the week end so im trying to post here before calling in next week.

As of what i am seeing im not the only one that as these kind of issues, if you guys could make a DIY clear enough for everyone to understand, that would be great.

Pc is running on windows 10, was in french canadian, tried changing location etc to US english.

Thank you.

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Re: unable to correctly install weblink

Post by Murph » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:57 am

You have to use Active X. It's required for running Weblink. In Internet explorer, look under Tools. Make sure there is not a check mark next to Active X. That will stop the programming from completing installation.

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